HCX - HealthCare eXchange

HCX© Interoperability and information exchange engine achieves rapid interoperability between healthcare systems, enabling connected solutions by non-programmer end-users in less time and at a lower cost.

HCX is envisioned to be used by enterprises that need advanced interoperability technologies to overcome the limitations of traditional system interfacing and time-consuming point-to-point methods.

HCX is built on top of one of an enterprise service bus (ESB) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructures, providing queuing, filtering, mediation, routing, and transformation capabilities at both source and destination endpoints/connectors. HCX enables the interoperability between different applications, regardless of the technology aspects, which preserves and extends previous software investments, while providing high-speed, highly reliable, and event-driven service-oriented architecture.

An extensive adapter library is included to provide out-of-the-box connection to a wide range of applications, services, data sources, and technologies such as HTTP, FTP, SOAP, XML, and REST, and databases. The main health-industry messaging standards, format and data types are fully supported, such as HL7 (v2 and v3), ASTM, CDA, IHE, DICOM, XML, JSON, binary, delimited, EDI and legacy formats.

Clinical documents are taken into consideration, as healthcare facilities always need to generate and consume clinical documents formatted in a standard way. HCX© enables healthcare facility to handle, generate and consume, clinical documents based on Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) R2 and conforming to different templates e.g. CCD, XDS-MS, XDS-LAB.

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